The above rods are offered standard in either flamed or blond cane, bright or blued hardware, choice of
wrap color and tipping (within reason), grip style and length, reel seat wood species, art work on reel
seat, and color of agate or jade stripping guide subject to availability.  Slide band reel seat is standard on
model 6301 while other models have up locking seats as standard.  Fighting butt is standard on Model
8001.  All rods come with appropriate size forest green tube with brass cap and bottom, rod sack,
polishing cloth, documentation, and care instructions.  Prices are for basic components while more
elaborate or exotic requests may require up charges.  These will be discussed at the time of ordering as
well as any required deposit if the requested rod is far outside the normal scope of our offerings .  We
grant a seven day inspection period during which the rod may be returned.  Rods that have been
personalized or fished are not returnable.  Full payment is expected prior to shipping.
While we don't offer a guarantee per se, we do stand behind our rods.  Repairs to a damaged or broken
rod will be assessed on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to charge for these repairs if we
deem them to be the result of age, abuse, or normal wear.
Our Rods and Rod Prices...
We always try to keep some popular models available for sale on a first come first serve basis for the
angler willing to except a rod finished in our choice of appointments.  Please see our Rods for Sale pages
for pictures and information on our current offerings.
Here is a List of Our Standard Rod Models...
  • Model 6301
This is a 6' 3"  rod.  Two piece supplied with two tips and nodes staggered in a matched "butterfly"  
pattern.  It is a four weight rod based on the Paul Young "Midge" taper.  A wonderful small stream rod
and a joy to cast.....

  • Model 7002
A powerful 7' 0" rod in a 5 weight.  A little more cane in the butt than a 7201 so it has a little more snap
in the tip.  Another great taper from Paul Young .  This "Princess" taper is a two piece with "butterfly"
matched tips

  • Model 7201
This is many anglers favorite.  Measuring 7' 2",  this two piece is supplied with two tips with nodes
staggered  in a matched "butterfly" pattern.  It is a five weight based on Paul Young's " Driggs River
Special".  This is our most popular model and a great all  around trout rod.....

  • Model 7602
This is a rod meant for a little more robust fishing.  Originally made by us as a rod for throwing bigger
flies to small mouth bass on Lower Michigan rivers, it is a robust rod that can easily handle the biggest
night time browns during the hex hatch.  A 7' 6" rod designed to cast a six/seven weight, it is based on
the heavy version of Paul Young's "Martha Marie" taper.  Again, the rod is a two piece, two tip example
with nodes matched and staggered "butterfly" style.....

  • Model 7603
A beautiful dry fly rod.  This one is the famed Paul Young "Perfectionist" taper.  This legendary rod is a
7' 6" for a four weight.  A sincere rod and a wonderful casting tool.  Configured with two matched
"butterfly"  tips as a two piece rod.....

  • Model 7901
Another dry fly favorite designed by Paul Young.  This is the "Para 14", a 7' 9" in five weight, two piece,
two "butterfly" tip rod for the angler who desires a little longer parabolic action.  Very popular and light
in the hand.....

  • Model 8001
This is a big rod for big fish.  Made by us as a light steelhead rod, it is based on the Lyle Dickerson 8' 0"
"Guide Special".  Throwing a seven/eight weight line, it is a heavy rod for the angler targeting larger

  • Model  8002
This is the "Para 15" design by Paul Young.  Another parabolic rod that is slightly longer and heavier than
the "Para 14".    Measuring 8' 0", it throws a five weight line with confidence.  While offered  with two
dry fly tips, it can also be ordered with a wet tip like the Young original.  Two pieces with "butterfly"
staggered tips come standard on this rod...

  •  Model  8003
This Dickerson 8014 taper will get the job done.  Faster action than Young counterparts, it has more
cane in the butt and consequently a little more heft.  Another great all around taper in a six weight.  
Two tips with "butterfly" matched nodes are standard...

This list is by no means all inclusive as we try to add new tapers as demand dictates.  Evaluation of a
certain rod's handling characteristics is STRICTLY subjective and should in no way be construed as
anything but an opinion.  Remember, one man's pain is another man's pleasure!
Rod Pricing....

  • Model 6301 prices start at $1495.00
  • Model 7002, 7201, 7602, 7603, 7901, 8002, 8003 prices start at $1695.00
  • Model 8001 Prices Start at $1895.00
Current Stock Rods in Inventory.....
Keep in mind, these prices are for our standard finish.  Prices may be adjusted for different hardware
or other variations.  For example, a slide band reel seat on a 7201 would be perfectly appropriate and
slightly less expensive.  Tipping requires time and eliminating it can provide savings.  Mildrum stripper
instead of agate can also reduce cost.  Any cost saving variations can be addressed at the time of