Rods for Sale 2...
7' 2"  Model  7201  5 Weight...

WOW!  This is the all around quintessential split cane fly rod!  Many makers use this taper and
put different labels on it, but it
IS the Paul Young "Driggs River Special" taper.  Just like
Goldilocks, you'll find this one to be JUST RIGHT and a heck of a lot of fun to fish!  As a 5  
weight, it will do brookies to big browns and leave you wondering why you didn't buy this taper
sooner.   Lovely flaming , gold wraps with black tipping, nickel hardware, all with an amber
gold agate stripper, up locking reel seal and Cheryl Stephan's beautiful artwork on a black ash
burl spacer.  A two piece, two tip rod with tips matched in "butterfly" pattern.  Canvas rod sack
and forest green tube included.