John Niemann - Maker
Located in Grayling, Michigan, the Razing Kane Rod Company overlooks the fabled AuSable River mainstream.  
Grayling's legacy as the birthplace of Trout Unlimited is well deserved.  Sitting on the banks of the AuSable and a
mere seven miles from the Manistee River, the town has the extraordinary good fortune of being host to two Blue
Ribbon trout streams.  It is in this wonderful place that Razing Kane rods are made.  Each rod begins life as a
single culm of bamboo, hand selected for aesthetics as well as the depth of "power fibers", the elastic heart of a
split cane rod.  It is then painstakingly tempered, split, hand planed, and glued into a finished blank to
impeccable tolerances.  Only the finest components are incorporated. Our rods are finished in nickel silver
hardware, either bright or blued, as the customer prefers.  Agate strippers are standard, and transparent silk wraps
help give each rod a distinct personality.  Reel seats can be specified in many different wood species and grips of
flor grade Portuguese cork can be formed to the customer's specification.

Our rod actions and tapers are firmly based on those that we consider two of the greatest all time rodmakers.  
Both Lyle Dickerson and Paul Young practiced their craft in Michigan and both produced rods that while different
in action, were easily some of the best, most angler friendly bamboo rods ever made.  We will gladly replicate any
taper you wish, but our standard models use the tapers of these two makers.  If the customer desires, we can also
tailor a rod to your specific needs or angling style.

At all times during the making process, consideration is given to the angler's commitment to the investment that
a split cane rod demands.  It is always our goal to guarantee performance and aesthetics consistent with this
demand.  Our rods are meant to be a happy marriage between these two elements and are made with the idea
that the fisherman can take pride in ownership.

They are created as a fusion of Art and Angling...
Autumn view of the AuSable River near the shop...
The Razing Kane Rod Company